Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Still Life with Pot and Matches

Still Life with Pot and Matches - 18" x 14" - oil on panel

This is the first in a new series of larger scale still life paintings. The wooden compartments will be a recurring theme, so I'll see where they take me.


Susan Carlin said...

This is beautiful. The grid infused with organic shapes and bottles... love it.

m tobias hall said...

very nice neil! i especially enjoy the orange/tangerine - feels so full and shapely. again, very nice.

Alex said...

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Ali said...

Hi just to let you know that the art blog Alex is referring to is mine and he is completely mistaken as the date at the top of my blog isn't the date the last entry was entered, it's the date I started the next list, he was listed 5 days after he left his comment on my list so it obviously doesn't take 8 months! I feel bad that he has contacted nearly everyone on my art list and made these false claims. i have asked him to set people straight but seeing as he hasn't it looks like I will have to...

your paintings are superb by the way :)

silver fortress said...

Superb, Neil

Douglas Myatt said...

Beautiful! I can't help but think of Joseph of my favorites! Great work!

Zackery said...

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