Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Small still life paintings

Not Quite "Daily Paintings"

To get back into things after the Christmas break and get back into my stride in the studio I have decided to do a series of small still life paintings. In a “daily painting” style (but probably not on a daily basis), I will paint an object which I find close by, at home or in the studio, on a small scale, and within a limited time frame (1 - 2 hours perhaps?). This will give me the opportunity to make finished paintings in one session and, because of the small scale and limited time, it will really force me to simplify and hopefully paint more freely than I’m used to doing.
I’ll see where I go with these - when I have a few together I may turn them into an exhibition in a gallery or I might just keep it as an online based thing, but for the moment they will be for sale on my blog. I’ll probably set up an eBay based system for selling them at some point soon, but for the time being, if you are interested in purchasing them, just send me an email at or click on the link beside the painting and I’ll get straight back to you. Be sure to check back for the first painting.

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A Reason to Paint said...

Your portrait work is lovely; I am looking forward to seeing your little still lifes.